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 Computational Linguistics Research Group

Computational linguistics is the study of computer processing, understanding, and generation of human languages. It is often regarded as a subfield of Natural Language Processing. Techniques from computational linguistics are used in applications such as machine translation, text summarization, parser, and natural language processing.
The Computational Linguistics research group of the Department of Computer Science, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, carries out research on many topics in the area. Please follow the links to learn more about us.

 Memebers (A-Z) Members  


  • Ehsan Asgarian

  • Touba Fadaee

  • Hadi Ghaemi

  • Asef PourMasumi

  • Reza Saeedi 

  • Ahmad Stiri

  • S. Ahmad Toosi

  • M. Hadi Zahedi


  • Ijaz Text Summarization

  • Forghan

  • Persian Semantic Stemmer

  • FerdowsNet

  • Persian Language Parser

  • Persian POS Tagger

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