Persian words role tagging

Persian words role tagging


The act of tagging the words that other parts of a sentence in a way that those tags show the role of each word in the sentence is called Part-of-Speech tagging. Words can have different tags in different positions and thus, a high percentage of words have ambiguity regarding their tags. Therefore, tagging is the act of disambiguating tags with respect to the concept. Part of speech tagging is a basic task for many other fields of NLP such as machine translation, error detector and text to speech converter. So far, many model and methods are used to tag in different languages. Some of these methods are:
Markov hidden model
Transformation/Rule -based tagger
Memory-based System
Maximum Entropy System

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Persian words role tagging
To use this software, first, install .Netframework 4.5 package. Using this software in scientific research with referencing to WTLab of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad is free. should this software be used in any research, please use the following as reference:
Persian corpus processing tools, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Web Technology Lab, 2013 (
Also if any error in detecting word stem or its label is detected, please report it to ehsan.asgarian(at)

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