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Smart city


According to predictions, by 2050 more than 66 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities. This statistic reaches 85 percent for more developed countries, whereas cities take only 2 percent of the whole world’s area and the big challenge here is healthy food, clean water and sufficient energy for this huge number of urbanists. It’s is obvious that providing basic needs should not damage economical consistency, social environment, and natural environment. In other words, current developments must nor result in future poverty. Urbanists are consumers of 75 percent of energy resources and also, producers of 80 percent of environmental destructive carbons and another important and critical challenges are water shortage and the destruction of notable number water sources in last 50 years in the world. On the other hand, advancing in knowledge and IT industry with fast rate, we can see more than 6 different machines for each person connected to the internet. This means that billions of systems and machines are embedded in cities’ infrastructure. This means it contains personal devices from mobiles, tablets and personal computers to city monitoring systems for smart lights, traffic, weather, pedestrian management, public services (water, electricity, gas), urban structure, urban wastes, health care systems and etc. from a different perspective, people interaction methods, information sharing and also fast rate of news and events broadcast with social networks can be helps to achieve the goal of improving urbanization quality and in general, environment quality and facing pointed challenges in present and future.
In recent years, a field of study has been created to use data capability for developing cities (named Smart city). of course, we are far away from reaching smart cities’ goals and thus more efforts from researchers are needed and we need to pay attention to theses researches and use them in city management.

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